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Since 2008 we have developed projects with more than 150 entities around the world working on the Digitization of sectors such as Content, Financial, Tourism or Education Industry, among others. We are experts in Business Modeling based on Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition, Data, Industry 4.0, etc.


We also offer Legal Consulting in the field of Privacy and Data Protection in Innovation projects. In Rooter we are constantly monitoring the latest Trends in Digital Economy. Thanks to this continuous research we generate reference information such as articles, reports and publications that serve as a reference to companies and institutions for the development of innovative activities.



DTMAP is an innovative tool that allows you to measure the Attitudes and Digital Skills of people and organizations in Digital Transformation processes: Training, Selection, Personal Development Plans...

Formative model


State Mercantile Society for Innovation Management and Tourism Technologies

Report that includes a series of recommendations for the development and management of the training actions of Segittur / SET.


European commission

EuDEco is a project funded by the European Commission within the Horizon2020 program, which seeks to build a model of data economy in the European Union, through a triple legal, socio-economic and technological analysis.

10 Keys to the Future of Digital Education


We work to identify the key trends in the future of digital education and disruptive technologies that will change the fundamentals of education in the coming years.

Comparative Study and Policy Proposals for the Promotion of National Film Audiencies in the Local Market



National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile

We developed a study of public policies in the field of cinema entitled "Comparative Study and Proposals of Policies to Promote the Increase of Audiences of National Cinema in the Local Market", in which the first comparative study of public policies and audiences in national cinema is carried out.

User Generated Content Report


Report that focuses on the copyright challenges presented by new technologies and digital platforms. The first study on UGC (User Generated Content) in Spanish.

White Paper of Animation Sector in Spain 2012



Spanish Federation of Animation Producers Associations.

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